2 siblings refused to participate in occupying Afrin, narrated recruiting children's story

The two minor siblings Majd and Fahed Othman who cracked the mercenaries of the Turkish occupation army narrated the story of recruiting the minors by the mercenaries, and the reasons of their rejection to participate in the attacks launched against Afrin.


The brutal practice of the Turkish occupation's gangs against the Syrian people is disclosed day by day. These mercenary gangs recruit the minors into their ranks and send them to the battles to achieve their ambitions within the Syrian territories.

During the battle of Afrin, the mercenaries used many minors under the age of 18 by seducing them with money and breaking them with slogans that incite sectarianism in addition to committing crimes against humanity.

Majd Othman is at 17, and his younger sibling Fahed Othman is 15 years old from al-Qubba village located south-west Kobani city in the Euphrates region narrated how they have been seduced and joined the ranks of the mercenary gangs, the actions they carried out, and the reasons motivated them to dissent and surrender themselves to Manbij Military Council.

Hawar news agency (ANHA) interviewed two minor siblings at one of Manbij Military Council's centers.

The bigger sibling whose name is Majd said that they joined the ranks of the so-called Liwa al-Shamal that is related to the Euphrates Shield in Jarablus city about seven months ago, noting that these gangs accept anyone within their ranks without regard to their legal age to carry arms.

Majd said that the number of minors among the ranks of mercenaries is countless and added stating, "The minor who has means does not go to battles because he has relatives of commanders or the like, while those who do not have the means of military, the military police force them to fight."

Fahed said, "Before we started the battle of Afrin, my sibling Majd and I have been received orders to take part in the fighting, but we refused, and that made us being prosecuted by the military police of those mercenary gangs."

Afrin canton has been occupied by the Turkish occupation and its gangs since 18 January after heroic resistances shown by the fighters of People and Women protection Units (YPG,YPJ) which lasted for two months. The Turks and their mercenaries occupied the canton with Russian complicity.

The two siblings explained that they later hid in the house of a civilian in the areas under the domination of these gangs until they have managed to reach Manbij Military Council's areas after communicating with it. They confirmed that Manbaj Military Council's fighters greeted them warmly and that they did not insult them contrary to what was promoted by the mercenaries



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