2 tents, poor possibilities to teach al-Awda camp's children

Al-Awda camp's administration in Afrin canton has opened two tents to teach the students, and the tents were decorated with modest potentials, where the children stressed their commitment to the training and education, challenging the practices of the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries against the children.


4 Months have passed to open al-Awda camp in Sherawa district in Afrin canton, and as the first semester has come to end, and the number of refugees flocking to the camp increased, the camp's administration was forced to open a school for teaching the children, and DAA met the demand of the parents.

Where the administration secured two tents placed inside the camp, both for the primary and preparatory stages. According to the Committee of the Democratic Society Education and the management of the camp, the number of students is about 53.

In this context, the administrator at the camp's school Slam Sido noted that as the second semester has come, after completing the number of parents and organizing the parents better, they started officially to open the school. He pointed out that because of poor possibilities, they had to mix the first grade with the fourth in a tent, and the sixth and seventh grades in another.

Sido pointed out that the committee provides teachers to teach the three languages; Kurdish, Arabic and English, pointing to the difficulties of providing resources and the need to separate the first and second grades from what is mentioned in the lower, but in the moment, it is difficult to ensure more assistances.



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