20 demonstrators injured in Rania protests in Kurdistan Region

Clashes between demonstrators and security forces in the city of Rania in Başûr Kurdistan resulted in injuring about 20 protesters and arresting 20 others.

The city of Rania is witnessing for the fourth day in a row massive demonstrations against the Region's government to protest against the lack of payment of salaries and poor economic conditions. Today, about 20 protesters were subjected to various injuries following the intervention of security forces to disperse the demonstrators. While more than 20 demonstrators were arrested.

The security forces attacked the protesters with tear gas and sound bombs, and dispersed the demonstrators by force.

It is worth mentioning that today a child lost his life and others were injured in similar demonstrations in Jamjman district, while al-Sulaymaniyah and the town of Kefri in Garmyan area are witnessing mass demonstrations and popular protests, and the demonstrators set fire to some of the headquarters of the Kurdistan Democratic Party.

The Source: Rojnews

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