222 out of 30 thousand of Daesh families handed over to their gov

The Autonomous Administration of northern and eastern Syria has handed over 222 children and women to the European Union, while the fate of 30,000 others in the Autonomous Administration's camps remains blurry.

For four years, Daesh mercenaries have occupied several areas in northern and eastern Syria, such as the city of al-Raqqa, Manbij, al-Tabqa, Deir al-Zour, Shaddadi, Tal Hamis, Tel Brak and the southern regions of the regions of Cilaxa and Girkê Legê. Thousands of mercenaries from European and Western, Central Asian and the Middle Eastern countries poured into the ranks of mercenaries across the Turkish border, which did not disrupt their flow but facilitated their entry and provided them with all the necessary means, and hundreds of documents that appeared in the media prove that.

During the campaigns launched by the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) from 2015 to 2019, from al-Hol to the last pocket where the mercenaries were holed up in the town of Al-Bagouz of Deir al-Zour, and the forces arrested thousands of mercenaries, and thousands of women and children handed themselves over due to the principles and morals of the Syrian Democratic Forces assessing their victories as much as the lives they liberate.

After the liberation of the village of Al-Bagouz, the last of the pockets of Daesh mercenaries, the Autonomous Administration of northern and eastern Syria conducted a census of the number of mercenaries arrested, in addition to the number of members of their families who surrendered to SDF. According to Autonomous Administration of northern and eastern Syria, there are more than 6,000 mercenaries, (From 50 European countries and Central Asian), as well as more than 30,000 mercenary families in the camps, including 12,000 (8,000 children and 4,000 women) from Europe and Western and Central Asia.

Autonomous Administration of northern and eastern Syria has handed over lists of names to the countries which citizens joined Daesh with their families held at the administration's. But they have not officially communicated with the administration so far, said Kamal Akef, a spokesman for the Department of External Relations of Autonomous Administration of northern and eastern Syria.

222 officially delivered to their countries

From a humanitarian perspective, Autonomous Administration of northern and eastern Syria has handed over dozens of children and women to some countries, under the calls of their families, who have put pressure on their governments to be raised in an appropriate environment away from extremist ideas planted by mercenaries in their minds. While the fate of thousands of them remains unknown as their 50 governments have not made any efforts in this regard.

Kamal Akef explained that last March, five children were handed over to the French Foreign Ministry, five children to the Russian Duma, and five other children to the Sudanese Foreign Ministry representative, all of whom were children under the age of 10.

Akef also revealed the Autonomous Administration of northern and eastern Syria handed over 100 people to the Kosovo government, all children and women. On May 6, 70 children and 30 women were handed over to the Kazakh government, of whom 17 were orphans. On 7 May, 7 children from one family were handed over to the representative of the Swedish Foreign Ministry. On 8 May.

"There is also a Dutch family that is in contact with Autonomous Administration of northern and eastern Syria in order to receive five orphaned children whose parents were killed in Daesh mercenaries ranks," he said. " however, the Dutch government has not shown any position on it so far. " "The government must continue with the Autonomous Administration in order to officially hand over children," he said.

On the elements of Daesh mercenaries, Kamel Akef called for the need for international cooperation to resolve this issue. He said: "There are more than 5,000 mercenaries of Syrian, Iraqi and Arab nationality, and a thousand foreign mercenaries from nearly 50 countries in the prisons of the administration, and they pose a considerable danger and their file must be resolved quickly. "



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