28,000 dunums burned in al-Raqqa

More than 28,000 dunums of land cultivated with wheat and barley have been burned to date in al-Raqqa and its villages, while the Directorate of Agriculture has deployed firefighting committees throughout the city in anticipation of any emergency.

Hundreds of hectares of land planted with wheat and barley were burned in northern and eastern Syria, the largest of which was the burning of 100,000 dunums in Tirbê Spîyê district and its surrounding areas, where IS' mercenaries had adopted these sabotage acts which aimed to deprive the people from living, and released many videos about burning the civilians' properties to spread sedition after being defeated by SDF's fighters.   

According to the Co-chair of the Statistical Office of the Directorate of Agriculture of al-Raqqa Civil Council Haider al-Musa, 28 thousand dunums of the agricultural lands in al-Raqqa have been turned to ashes so far.

"The enemies are trying to thwart our project by burning the agricultural crops, which are considered the food basket for the region, and the region has witnessed heavy rains, but the weak-minded people began to target the living of the people and the economy of northern and eastern Syria," he said.

Al-Musa said they deployed equipped firefighting in all of al-Raqqa and its countryside to confront the fire, and added, "We aim to preserve the people's living, and at this time we must join hands and cooperate to put out the fires."



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