3 Afrin girls abducted by pro-Turkey mercenaries

Mercenary groups affiliated to the Turkish occupation forces abducted 3 girls from the village of Girziliye of Sherawa in Afrin Canton.

According to information obtained by ANHA's, Rohat Ibo, 24, and two other girls, whose IDs were not verified up to date, were abducted at the Qos Security Checkpoint at the entrance of the city of Afrin today as they returned from work.

Sources told ANHA the girls were returning from work in cleaning up the Water Channel in the village of Cumk-Cemiliye- Afrin city, adding they are employees in the Qatar Red Crescent in the city of Afrin.

The sources added the three girls were transferred to the Security Branch close to the Avrin Hospital formerly, at the center of the city.

It added, family of Rohat was refused access as investigations were still undergoing under the charge of links to AANES associations prior to Afrin occupation. The source added the capture aims at extortion.

Worth to note the Qos Security Checkpoint is notorious for such cases which are very common at the point.



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