3 soldiers of Turkish occupation killed in Guerrilla operations

The People's Defense Forces (HPG) reported that their forces carried out operations in Pîran district of the city of Amed and Çelê district in the city of Colemêrg in Bakur (northern Kurdistan) and arrested 3 Turkish soldiers. The troops also said that two fighters were martyred in aerial bombardment of the Zap area.

The Media Center of the People's Defense Forces released today a statement to the public, in which it revealed the results of operations carried out in two areas in Bakur Kurdistan.

The statement included:

"On April 24, at 05:30, our forces carried out an operation against the Turkish occupation army at a post in the town of Pîran in the city of Amed. Our forces launched close strikes with individual and medium weapons to the site, in the process, a soldier of the Turkish occupation was killed and many soldiers were wounded, after the operation, the Turkish occupation opened fire at the area with heavy weapons, and the occupation withdrew its wounded and dead from the scene through the helicopters.

In the 23rd of the current April at 13:30, our forces carried out an operation against the Israeli occupation forces on the hill of Sor in area of ​​the city of Colemêrg. Our forces struck hard and eliminated two soldiers during the operation. After the operation, the Turkish occupation fired missiles and bullets into the area, while the ranks of our forces did not receive any damage.

The Turkish occupation aircraft bombed the area of ​​Zap in the areas of legitimate defense (Medya), according to that:

On April 26, Turkish aircraft bombed Kunişka Square in the Zap area at 00:30. On April 25, at 08:30, Deşta Kafya square was bombed in Garê area, and at 20:00 - 20:00, 30 the perimeter of the village of Çemrobotkî in the area of Çemankê ​in the city of Dohuk, and in the 23 of April exactly at 19:00 Ozgur valley in the area of ​​Zap.

2 Guerrilla fighters martyred

On the 23rd of April in the Zap area, two of our comrades were martyred Demhat and Rojhat but in other attacks our forces did not receive any damage. In an attack that took place in the vicinity of the village of Çemrobotkî, the orchards of the people were greatly damaged. We will publish the records of our fellow martyrs later.


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