3 Turkish soldiers killed in separate operations of HPG

Today, Friday (29 May), the Media Center for the People’s Defense Forces (HPG) issued a statement in which it affirmed that in the context of the specific operations carried out by their forces against the Turkish occupation army in separate areas of northern and southern Kurdistan, they killed 3 soldiers and destroyed some military headquarters and machineries.

The statement indicated that Guerrilla fighters continue their military operations against the Turkish occupation army in the framework of the "Haftanin Battle" campaign in the legitimate defense areas (Media). In this context, "our fighters launched on Thursday at 14:00 an attack on the enemy army points in the vicinity of Partizan hill, during which they managed to destroy military equipment without knowing the number of the killed or injured."

The statement added: "On May 27th, the Turkish occupation army began a military operation in Bayas district of Hatay (Alexandron). At 09:00 on May 28th, our fighters surprised the occupation soldiers participating in the operation, as clashes broke out and resulted in killing a Turkish soldier, while the enemy army expanded its operation."

The statement of the People’s Defense Forces indicated that on Thursday at 17:00, the Guerrilla fighters targeted military points belonging to the Turkish occupation army in Kato Khalila region of Wan area in the framework of the campaign of "Revenge for the Martyr Media Mawa and the Martyr Rezgar Kafr", explaining that two of the occupation soldiers were killed during the operation.

The statement pointed to an operation carried out by the Free Woman Units (YJA-Star) fighters which targeted a fuel station of the occupation army in the vicinity of Lecê district of Amed city at 21:30 on May 24th, and the operation resulted in the destruction of the station entirely. "The fighters also launched a similar attack on another station in the vicinity of Mizak village in Amed countryside, and it managed to destroy the station completely."

وأمس الخميس، في الساعة 09:30 تعرّضت منطقتي زاب وورخلى لقصف مماثل، فيما شهدت أراضي تبه سور التابعة لناحية آفاشين قصفاً جوّياً مكثّفاً في الساعة 17:45 من اليوم ذا

The statement referred to air strikes launched by the warplanes of the Turkish occupation army on the legitimate defense zones (Media), where on May 25th, they shelled the lands of Sheikh Zadeh, Kulek and Sunnin of Khakurk (Xakurk) district, "and the shelling in the area continues on a daily basis, where the shelling on May 28th led to the outbreak of fires at the agricultural lands and the injury of a citizen due to the fires while working on his land.

Yesterday, at 09:30, a similar bombardment took place in Zab and Warkhly regions, while the lands of Tebah Sur affiliated to Afashin district witnessed intense air shelling at 17:45 of the same day.

The statement of the People’s Defense Forces affirmed that there were no losses among the Guerrilla fighters as a result of those air strikes.

The Source: ANF


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