30 Afrinians arrive at Shahba fleeing Turkish forces crimes

​​​​​​​A short while ago, 30 people arrived in al-Shahba canton, fleeing the occupied canton of Afrin, as a result of the crimes of Turkey and its mercenaries against them, the fugitives lied the allegations of the so-called Kurdish National Council and said that no one can stay in occupied Afrin.

30 people from the occupied city of Afrin, including women and children under the age of 15, managed to reach al-Shahba canton this morning, fled from the crimes committed by the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries against them.

The fugitives confirmed that there are hundreds of civilians and families who want to leave Afrin, but the Turkish occupation prevents them from leaving.

The returnees denied the allegations of the so-called Kurdish National Council about the return of the people to occupied Afrin, and said that those who return are transferred to Turkey and from there to Europe in order to empty the region of its Kurdish population.

They added: "No one can stay in Afrin as a result of the crimes committed against them."

In subsequent reports, ANHA agency will reveal the names of civilians and the crimes committed against them.



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