300,000 refugees demand to return their homes

Serêkaniyê refugees have stressed that there is nothing will prevent them on their resisting in order to return their homes, alluding that the desire to return which alleviate many troubles that face them of the harsh living conditions.

The ongoing Turkish offensive in NE, Syria has forced some 300,000 civilians to flee their areas, particularly in Serêkaniyê area of al-Hasakah canton, and Tal Abyad canton in the Euphrates region.

The Autonomous Administration has allocated schools to accommodate the displaced, and recently worked to establish Washokani camp in al-Hasakah to receive IDPs from Serêkaniyê.

Despite the efforts of AA and local organizations, IDPs lack much of the livelihood requirements of food, water, medicines and baby supplies.

These difficulties did not undermine the will of the resistance of the displaced, and stress the continuation of the struggle, demanding to return to their homes, and push them all mercenaries out who supported by the Turkish occupation state.

"We are displaced because of the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries from ISIS and Jabhat al-Nusra. We are suffering from difficult conditions in the shelter schools, but we have a strong will to continue the struggle and resistance," said Malik Omar.

"Our only demand is to get the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries out of Serêkaniyê and its villages, to return to our homes and live a safe life away from occupation and murder," Omar said.

"We hope that UN peacekeepers will protect us or the SDF because we will not accept others," Omar said.



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