31 new cases with Covid 19 in NE, Syria

The Health Authority of the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria announced the registration of 31 new cases of Coronavirus in northern and eastern Syria, and the recording of 6 cases of recovery.

The co-chair of the Health Authority in the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria, Joan Mustafa, indicated that the new infections are 22 males and 9 females, and they are distributed as follows:

9 cases in al-Hasakah

8 cases in Qamishlo

Two cases in Girkê Legê

4 cases in Deirk

3 cases in Tirbespiyê

3 cases in Tal Tamer

One case in Çil Agha

One case in al-Shahba

Mustafa confirmed that 6 new recoveries were recorded.

It is reported that, with the announcement of these new cases, the number of cases reached 1,151, including 52 deaths, and 334 recoveries.



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