33 civilians from Afrin kidnapped; mercenaries clash

The Turkish occupation mercenaries kidnapped 33 civilians from Afrin, while the city witnessed sporadic clashes between the mercenary factions.

A local source from Afrin told our correspondent that the Turkish occupation mercenaries abducted in September 25 the citizen Abdul Hamid Suleiman and his wife Khaleda Suleiman from the city center.

In September 30, Mohammed Ahmed Maamu, a resident of Jupana village of Raju district, was abducted.

Another source said that the so-called military police of the Turkish occupation raided the homes of residents in the village of Kurzila in the city center of Afrin two days ago and kidnapped 30 people.

Our agency obtained the names of some of the kidnappers (Jihad Sobhi Nasser 45 years old, Razan Hassan Nasser 35 years old, Ahmed Waheed Abdo 80 years old, Othman Hammo, Rizan Hammo 35 years old, Mohammed Yousef Hamkro 37 years old, Yahya Hamkro 55 years old, Zakaria Yahia 25 years old, Baker Hanan Awash 65 years old, Nuri Shukri Awash, 60, Farhad Sheikh Abdo.

Clashes between the mercenary factions

Janders district and the center of the city of Afrin since yesterday have witnessed a state of security alert and instability, where-intermittently-clashes erupt with heavy weapons between the mercenary factions of the Turkish occupation army.


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