3rd conference of Kobani Youth concluded with a series of resolutions

Under the slogan "In the struggle of the revolutionary youth we will build a free democratic Syria", the Revolutionary Youth Movement in Kobani held its third conference and concluded with a number of resolutions.

The revolutionary youth movement in Koban canton held its third conference in the youth hall in the city of Kobani in the presence of hundreds of young people in the Euphrates region.

In the meeting hall, pictures of the leader of the Kurdish people, Abdullah Ocalan, and Laila Guven were hung as well as the youth movement's flag and banners reading: "With the philosophy of the leader Apo, we will defeat the occupation, with the vanguard of the young woman we will build a free Syria."

The conference began with a minute of silence in honor of the martyrs' lives, after which three young people were elected to run the conference chamber.

Then a member of the Youth Movement in Kobani Mazloum Mesto read the assessments of the leader Abdullah Ocalan, followed by a televised presentation on the activities and activities of the youth.

then the annual report of the youth movement was read, which included their work within a year.

During the conference, the youth reached several decisions:

1-  Continuing to organize various activities and events to break the isolation of Apo and achieve his physical freedom.

2-Rejecting capitalist policies aimed at spreading immoral habits and drugs.

3- As a Revolutionary Youth Movement, we believe that the building of the democratic nation and the democratic confederation is our duty.

4- Continuing to open and develop intellectual courses to build a democratic confederation and live in accordance with the thought of the leader Apo.

5- Strengthening the fundamental protection forces of the youth and developing the idea of ​​self-defense is an essential duty to confront the fascism of the Turkish occupation state and all forms of occupation and defend the homeland and its soil.

6- Taking responsibility for increasing the number of our troops and the People's Protection Units.

7- Developing closed training courses that last for two months.

8- Developing the training of Jineolojî.

9- Doing activities that develop the culture of reading.

At the end of the conference, 16 people were elected to the Kobani canton's Youth Council.


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