4 citizens of Janders district kidnapped in occupied Afrin

The "Civil Police" mercenaries kidnapped 4 citizens of Janders district in the occupied canton of Afrin, on false accusations and pretexts.

A source from the occupied Afrin canton stated that the mercenaries of the "Civil Police" of the Turkish occupation had kidnapped 4 citizens of Janders district of the occupied canton of Afrin.

According to the source, the kidnapped citizens are:

* Mahmoud Hilal Khalaf (28 years), from the village of Jalma.

* Ali Muhammad al-Karim (38 years), from Janders district.

* Khalil Hussein Hasso (34 years old).

* Hussein Abdel Rahman Hasso is a resident of Ashkan Sharqi village.

The source stated that the citizens who were kidnapped were taken to an unknown destination, and their fate is still unknown.





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