4 Turkish soldiers eliminated in Heftenin, Xakurk and Celê

On Thursday , July 9, the Information Center for the People's Defense Forces (HPG) issued a statement in which it stated that the Guerrilla fighters carried out several operations against the Turkish occupation army in Heftenin, Xakurk and Celê, that resulted in the killing of 4 Turkish occupation's soldiers.

The statement pointed out that the Guerrilla fighters continue their military operations against the Turkish occupation army in the framework of the "Heftenin battle," and in this context, "On Wednesday at 09:00, our fighters targeted a gathering of the Turkish occupation soldiers in the vicinity of the Martyr Adar hill with sniper operations that resulted in killing an occupation army's soldier.

As part of the Martyr Bakr and the Revolutionary Martyr Ronya campaign, our fighters launched yesterday at 22:30 an attack on the Turkish military units in the vicinity of the Martyr Darwish hill in Xakurk district of the legitimate defense zones (Media), which resulted in breaking out violent clashes that enabled our fighters to destroy mounds and military equipment, as well as the killing of two enemy soldiers.

In the morning hours of the same day, our forces targeted the occupation army's barracks of in the vicinity of Celê district of Colemêrg region with a surprise attack that resulted in the destruction of the enemy's fortifications and the killing of a Turkish soldier.

The statement of the People's Defense Forces referred to a military attack launched by the Turkish occupation army on July 7 on the territory of "Boghaza Berxa", "Boghaza Baz", "Kiyoti" and "Mulla Amin" with the support of military aircraft and combat helicopters, where it targeted those areas by artillery and missile strikes without being able to make any progress on the ground, as it stopped the operation the next day and withdrew all its soldiers."

The statement pointed to air strikes launched by Turkish warplanes, the first on Tuesday at 12:50 on the districts of "Seda" in "Zab" region, which was subjected to air strikes without any injuries among the fighters of the Guerrilla.

The Source: ANF

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