40 people killed, 80 wounded in air raid in Tripoli

40 people were killed and 80 were wounded in air raid was launched by unknown  warplanes on a center of arresting the refugees in Tripoli.

An official in the Health devices in Tripoli noted that 40 people killed at least in air strike targeted Tajora suburb of Tripoli and 80 were wounded.

Al-Wifaq Government and the opposition forces led by Hafter exchanged the charges of this strike where the Presidential Council of al-Wifaq Government accused Hafter troops in this strike and said in a statement and added that this strike represent a mass crime and war crime added to the lists of the violations against the humanity by Hafter troops.

Where the Hafter's troops have announced on Monday they will launch air raids on targets in Tripoli after they lost their traditional tools in the war.



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