5 Afrinians abducted by Turkish Intelligence Services

Sources from occupied Afrin Canton reported that five citizens were abducted in Afrin by the Turkish Intelligence Services and the affiliated mercenary groups under false grounds.

ANHA was told that the Turkish intelligence Services and the so-called Military Police abducted Nihad Birem, 45, and Ebdin Umar, 55,  from the village of Shorbe in Mobata under false grounds taking them to unverified place.

Mercenary group of the Civil Police stormed into the houses of both Ahmed Reshid Hisein, 50, and Aslan Sheikhmus Hebesh, 38, from the village of Gela in Bilbile. 

While in Gare in Bilbile Imad Ereb was abducted as he was in a shop looking into his mobile phone under contacting the AANES formerly.

Since Afrin was occupied on 18 March 2918 people are being abducted by both Turkish forces as well as mercenary groups affiliated on charges of dealing with the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria just to harass people to flee and leave their home in the process of the demographic change taking place.



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