5 children are victims of Afrin explosion

A child lost his life and 4 others got injured from a Kurdish family of Afrin as a result of the blast occurred in Afrin this evening.

Sources from Afrin city confirmed that the explosion that took place this evening on Janders road near al-Saraya Roundabout and Afrin's old garage was the result of the detonation of an explosive device, which led to the loss of a child to his life and the injury of 4 others.

While a medical source indicated that the child "Ramadan Kamiran Khalil" died as soon as he arrived at the hospital, and the condition of the other wounded who are from one family, including two children is unstable. They are "Rafik Mallawi, Rokhash Kamiran Khalil, Reshfan Kamiran Khalil, Fatima Sheikho."

Furthermore, Afrin city and the rest of the areas occupied by Turkey in northern Syria are witnessing a security chaos and continuous fighting among the mercenary groups who disagree about the stolen items and the robbery of the properties that belong to the families displaced from their homes.



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