50 thousand students receive school certificates in al-Tabqa city

The education committee in al-Tabqa's Democratic Civil Administration has distributed the school certificates for the second semester, after the completion of the correction process initiated by teachers immediately after the completion of the examinations nearly a week ago.


The examination process for the second semester was subjected to nearly 50 thousand students from the elementary and middle school, distributed to 190 schools in al-Tabqa city and its countryside.

During the process of distributing the school certificates by teachers who supervised the educational process this year, students expressed their joy at receiving the certificate, especially the first and outstanding students who accompanied with their certificates appreciation and discrimination amid the atmosphere filled with children's voices carried a joy denied it for many years.

Most of the certificates were given with appreciation, and distinction according to the students' achievements during the year, as a token gift for their efforts and motivation to persevere in their diligence and motivation for others to improve themselves in the coming year.

The school year was the first in al-Tabqa city in seven years. The city witnessed a dark age that denied children their most basic rights to education. After the city was liberated on May 10 last year by Syrian Democratic Forces, students enrolled in their schools to begin their first year.




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