500 Yazidis reached to their families, 3,000 is still their fate anonymous

About 2,966 Yazidis of Şengal province, mostly from the children and women whose fate is still anonymous, The Yazidis House in Al-Jazeera region in north-east of Syria has officially handed over about 491 citizens to Autonomous Administration Council to Şengal province.

The population of Şengal province before the IS' attack about 420 thousand people, distributed in about 20 districts and many other small villages, on 3 August, 2014 Şengal province was mainly exposed to IS' brutal attacks where Peshmerga of the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) to ignore them left behind massacres against Yazidis, more than 6,000 were kidnapped and more than 350,000 were killed.

360,000 from Yazidis had been displaced by IS' attacks

According to the statistics obtained from relevant sources, more than 360,000 Yazidis displaced by IS' attacks, having fled towards Rojava areas, through the corridors opened by the People and Women Protection Units (YPG, YPJ) at that time, where Democratic Autonomous Administration (DAA) had built special camp in Deirk area (Newroz camp) to accommodate the refuges in Al-Jazeera region, which received about 125 thousand refuges from the villages, districts and the cities in the region as  Serêkaniyê , Tirbespiyê, Amouda and al-Hasakah.

In the first days of IS' attacks on Şengal province about 1,293 Yazidis people were brutally buried in mass graves, during Şengal liberation campaign launched by Şengal and People 's Protection Units (HPG) 80 mass graves were found in Şengal areas, and the people who were abducted estimated about 6,417, and about 3,548 of whom were females and 2,869 were male.

2,561 Orphaned child

The number of orphans as a result of IS' attacks has increased to 2,561 children, 1,759 children orphan from the father, 407 children orphan from the mother, and 395 children orphan from the children.

According to the concerned authorities, the number of survivors from IS' clutches has increased to 3451, including 1,178 women, 337 men, 1010 females and 926 males, while the fate of 2,966 people remains unknown so far.

491 was being officially handed over

According to the records are available to the Yazidis House in Al-Jazeera region, which was responsible to deliver the liberators from the Yazidis to Autonomous Administration Council in Şengal province officially, about 491 citizens mostly of them children and women were handed over. The Yazidi House now has 3 women and 3 children who have not yet been extradited.



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