​​​​​59 Yazidi families return to Şengal

59 Yazidi families returned from camps in Başûr (southern Kurdistan) to their homes in Şengal district.

The Yazidi community, who live in the camps of Başûr (Southern Kurdistan), continue to return to their homes in Şengal province, after the Democratic Autonomous Administration of Şengal secured the necessary supplies and rehabilitated the infrastructure in some villages and cities of the district.

In the summer of 2014, ISIS mercenaries launched massive attacks on Şengal district, and as a result of the attack, thousands of Yazidi community members were killed and arrested, and after the liberation of Şengal from the mercenaries, some of the people returned to the district.

Most of the displaced in Şengal are in displacement camps in the areas of Dohuk and Hewler, which are under the control of the Kurdistan Democratic Party, where the KDP exploits the Yazidis in many files, especially electoral files.

Despite the obstruction of the Turkish occupation state through its attacks, and the Kurdistan Democratic Party through its policies, the Yazidis insist on returning to their homes, Şengal, slowly.

According to Roj news agency: "After the Autonomous Administration, in cooperation with humanitarian organizations, secured the daily necessities and restored the infrastructure in some villages and cities, the movement of return to the cities and villages of Şengal began, and in the context of return, today 59 Yazidi families from the camps of the Kurdistan region usually return to Şengal.”

The director of Sununa district, Khudaida Joki, called on all Yazidis in the displacement camps to return to Şengal district, appealing to human rights and humanitarian organizations to help the Yazidis return to Şengal.

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