7 Turkish-backed terrorists killed in operations in Sherawa, Janders ,Mare

 Afrin Liberation Forces(HRE) targeted Turkish backed terrorists in different operations in the towns of Sherawa, Janders and Mare region.

HRE issued a statement on regard of  the operations   carried by the forces in Shirawa , Janders and Mare..

"On the 2nd May, our forces carried out an operation against Turkish soldiers in the village of Jilbire of Sherawa town. As a result, one Turkish soldier and one Turkish backed terrorist of Cebhe el-Shamiye were killed and 2 Turkish soldiers were also injured in the same operation.

On the 2nd June , a sniper team conducted a mission in the village of Seyid Eli of the city of Mare. As a result, one Turkish backed gangster was killed by the sniper's bullet.

On the 2nd June, our forces carried out a wider operation against a base of the group Feyleq El-Sham in the village of Kebasin of Sherawa town. As a result, the base was destroyed and 3 gangsters were killed and 4 were injured.

On the 2nd June , a sabotage unit of the Afrin Liberation Forces carried out a sabotage mission against a military vehicle belonging to the Cebha el-Weteniye in Janders town. As a result, one terrorist was killed and the vehicle was annihilated.".

Afrin Liberation Forces



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