8 civilians wounded including children by Turkey's shelling on Serêkaniyê

8 civilians, including children, were injured in the artillery shelling of the Turkish occupation army targeting al-Sina area in the city of Serêkaniyê.

The Turkish occupation army has continued to commit war crimes in its attacks on northern and eastern Syria since October 9, in an attempt to exterminate the population of the region and the displacement of others in their place.

In this context, the Israeli army continues to shell the city of Serêkaniyê   despite the presence of civilians in it, where the heavy artillery shelling of the occupation army on al-Sina area, 8 civilians have been wounded, including children.

Yesterday, Turkey committed a war crime through a massacre committed against civilians who went by convoy from the cities of Al-Jazeera region to the city of Serêkaniyê to help its inhabitants.



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