8 Turkish soldiers killed, 5 wounded in clashes with Afrin Liberation Forces

Afrin Liberation Forces confirmed that 8 Turkish soldiers killed and at least 5 others wounded during two clashes.

" On June 21 and 25, our forces thwarted two attacks by the Turkish army. On June 21, in Marea, when a group of Turkish occupation army tried to infiltrate, but our forces managed to kill 5 Turkish soldiers and wound 5 others.

On the 25th of June, in Sherawa district, as a result of the enemy's attack, clashes broke out between a group of our forces and an enemy group. As a result of the clashes, 3 soldiers were killed and there were losses in the ranks of the enemy, but we were not able to confirm the number of wounded.” Afrin Liberation Forces through a statement to the media and public opinion.

The statement confirmed, "The result of both clashes: 8 soldiers of the Turkish occupation army were killed and at least 5 soldiers were wounded."



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