86 people leave quarantine centers after ensuring their safety

The Crisis Cell released 86 people quarantined after 14 days, performed PCR checks and analyzes for them, and demonstrated that they were not infected with the Coronavirus.

Among the precautionary measures taken by the Crisis Cell in northern and eastern Syria to prevent the emergence of the Corona virus, after imposing a curfew on March 23, put all arrivals to the area quarantined for 14 days, and conduct periodic checks for them to ensure that they are not infected with the Corona virus.

Dozens of arrivals arrived in Qamishlo during the month of April through the airport, and as a precautionary measure they were placed in a quarantine designated for expatriates, after carrying out tests, and periodic checks on a daily basis within the quarantine centers, and after spending 14 days during the incubation period of the virus, the crisis cell conducted PCR analyzes to make sure they are not infected with the virus.

A member of the District Health Department in Qamishlo District Rojin Ahmed explained to our agency that 86 people were removed from the quarantine centers today, after making sure that they were not infected with the virus.

Rojin Ahmed stated: "4 persons remained in the quarantine centers now, and the necessary tests are taken for them and then they are removed if they are found not to have been infected."


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