900 teachers in al-Shahba prepare for next academic year

In order to enable the skills of teachers and the development of the educational sector, the Training Committee in Democratic Society opened training courses in 17 centers for Arab and Kurdish teachers in al-Shahba and Afrin cantons.

Through this training, the committee also aims to prepare teachers for the next academic year in conjunction with its approach.

The course is attended by 900 teachers, which will last for one month at each center.

Four centers have been allocated for teachers from the Arab component, while 13 centers have been allocated to their Kurdish counterparts, in the areas of Ahras, Ahdath and Tel-Refat in al- Shahba canton and Sherawa district in the occupied Afrin.

Teachers receive training in Arabic, Kurdish, mathematics, science, history, geography and biology.

A spokeswoman for the Training Committee in the Democratic Community of Afrin Nariman Sido said that "teachers receive their training with a high will to stand in front of attempts to melt cultural and linguistic."



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