94 new fighters for US military

The US Senate Armed Services Committee has revealed its intention to buy 94 of the F-35 produced by the company "Lockheed Martin" and cancel the partnership of Turkey from the purchase of these aircraft.

The US Senate Armed Services Committee on Thursday unveiled the draft legislation on the $ 750 billion defense budget for 2020.

The budget includes allowing the United States to buy more F-35s produced by Lockheed Martin and effectively ending Turkey's partnership with the project if Ankara goes ahead with a plan to buy a missile defense system from Russia.

In March, US President Donald Trump asked for $ 750 billion in defense, a budget that includes more money to build ships and buy planes.

The House Armed Services Committee, which is dominated by Democrats, will unveil its version of the National Defense Appropriations Act in the coming weeks, which must be reconciled with the Republican-dominated Senate bill before it is passed into law.

The legislation allows the Pentagon to purchase 94 F-35 fighter jets and to cancel Turkey's name from the international partnership to build the fifth generation of the fighter. The legislation also allows for the establishment of a separate system of space forces, American Air Force.



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