A A: Legacy of Afrin Resistance the way to victory

The Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria has stated that the legacy of the Afrin Resistance is the way to victory, as it indicated in a statement that silence coincided with the Turkish Occupation of Afrin paved the way for Turkey to interfere in Syria, the region and the whole world. 

Today, January 20th, marks the third annual anniversary of the start of the Turkish attacks on the Afrin Canton, that led to the displacement of it's people, and the perpetration of most heinous crimes against them by the mercenary groups affiliated to the Turkish Occupation Forces as Afrininans resisted firmly in the (Resistance of Age).

On this occasion, a statement was released today by the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria to the public opinion, in which it was noted that Turkey deepens it's policy against Syrians and to put into practice it's agendas at the expense of Syrians, assuring that '' liberation of Afrin and all other occupied areas  is one of our priorities and strategies, that would never be renounced, and we work on the aim supported by our steadfastness and insistence of  people to achieve victory''.     

The statement reads as follows:

''three years on as blatant violations that contravene legal and ethical norms, and with insistence on the adoption of the system of mentality of terror as Afrin is being occupied by mercenary and terrorist powers led by and affiliated to the Turkish Occupation Forces that establishes it's policies against Syrians in general and to put into application it's own agendas.

''the occupation of Afrin, Sere Kaniye (Ras al-Ain), and Gire Spi( Tal Abyad), as well as extending it's influence into other areas as a clear message, and clarify that bids adopted by Turkey run into contradiction with the democratic project that was led by people in North Eastern Syria, as it was an important podium and a fertile ground for the giving birth to a general Syrian solution''.

The Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria went on to state '' all incessant inhuman and immoral measures taken in occupied areas and deforming their historical, cultural and communal identity, and continuation of the Turkish Occupiers to cling to the same policy in the whole areas is an insurmountable impediment to the solution in Syria, and contradicts all standards of stability and agreement in Syria''. 

''in a time when the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria recalls into mind the resistance performed in Afrin, and martyrs that sacrificed their lives and stood up to Turkey and it's affiliated mercenaries for 58 days with insistence, all that has been added to the chronology of historical resistances in modern history of our people, we assure that continuation of the Turkish occupation in Afrin poses danger to the whole of Syria indiscriminately, and we ask that all Syrian positions be clear in this relation, and that it is necessary for all patriotic powers that cater for a democratic future for Syria to unite against Turkey and the affiliated mercenaries and it's policies against our people and land''.     

The Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria called on the international community to adopt an effective stance in reference to the occupied areas by Turkey, lashing out at the silence preserved internationally, stating:'' we call on all international associations first of which the UN and all legal organizations to adopt affective stances in reference to policies going on in Afrin and the other occupied areas that put all international standards at stake in relation to Turkish doings''.   

The international silence that coincided with the Turkish Occupation of Afrin paved the way for Turkey to expand in Syria, the region and the whole world, and as it is clear that all areas occupied by Turkey turn into epicenters for struggle and anarchy.

At the same time, we condemn all agreements that are concluded with Turkey by some parts, at the expense of Syrians and we caution against dangers emanating from that, as outcomes of such agreements have become evident in the practices perpetrated by  Turkey against Syrians in Afrin after it was occupied, and that any compromise or repetition of Afrin scenario would spare no one from dangers, and would never serve any of which the conspiring bodies with Turkey for everyone that bets on Turkey would be a looser''.   

The statement was concluded '' at the end, we offer our greetings to our arbitrary displaced people of Afrin, as we highly appreciate their firm stance that fountains from the historical resistance against tyrants and occupiers and we assure that unless Afrin is liberated there would be no stability nor solution in Syria and that the success of our democratic project would not be completed''. 

''liberation of Afrin and other areas are of our priorities and strategies to which we won't give up, and that we will work on that aim with the support of our people and insistence on victory''.

''the legacy of Afrin and all of our areas is the way to victory, to which we would proceed to trace the path with all energy and ability''.



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