A fifth message of deterrence to Iran ...2 US bombers to the Middle East

Two American B-52 bombers returned to the Middle East in a message to Iran, after two Iranian missiles struck 100 miles from the US aircraft carrier in the Indian Ocean.

And the two American B-52 bombers headed to the Middle East in a message of deterrence for the fifth time in the last period against Iran.

And US officials had previously indicated that these flights are a clear message of deterrence to Iran.

And Israeli media reported, Sunday, that the two bombers flew over Israeli airspace on their way to the Arabian Gulf.

This comes after US media revealed, yesterday, Saturday, that two Iranian missiles fell 100 miles from the US aircraft carrier "Nimitz" in the Indian Ocean.

Fox News reported that long-range missiles fired by Iran landed close to a merchant ship and within 100 miles of the Nimitz strike group, the latest example of escalating tensions in the region.

US officials said: "At least one missile landed 20 miles from a merchant ship, without providing further details about the ship."

While the 100 miles on the horizon cannot be seen from the aircraft carrier or accompanying ships, US spy satellites orbiting high in space have tracked missile launches from Iran, the officials said.

It was indicated earlier this month that the aircraft carrier Nimitz was staying in the North Arabian Sea on the orders of the outgoing US President, after the Pentagon requested its return, which prompted it to change its course and stay in the region.

During the past months, Washington has strengthened its military presence in the Middle East in a show of deterrence, which included sending B-52 bombers with nuclear capability more than once, announcing the crossing of a nuclear submarine near the Persian Gulf, and extending the establishment of the aircraft carrier "USS Nimitz" in the region.



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