A human rights organization: UN reports neither objective nor realistic

A human rights organization in Syria uncovered huge numbers of violations practiced against the children in the north and east regions of Syria, showed the parties behind these violations, and considered the UN reports on Syria subjective and unrealistic, noting that the UN are based on reports from Turkey.

The UN revealed in a new report on the humanitarian situation in Syria, which singled out children, and relied on totalitarianism and the use of loose terms without addressing the  violations committed against the children in the north and east regions of Syria by the Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries, or what is so-called "the Syrian National Army."

The report came under the name of "UN report : Syria's children are stripped from their childhood and ongoing crimes committed by the government and the armed factions," and it was issued on Thursday, 16 January on the official UN website.

The report that was issued from the UN about the violations committed against the Syrian children and about five million displaced children in and out of Syria. The report didn’t mention the crimes of the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries against the children of the north and east Syria , it faced many criticisms from the humanitarian and human rights organizations that are based in Syria.

In a statement to Hawar, the jurist and the co-head of the Human Rights Organization in al-Jazeera canton, Avin Jumah, addressed the large numbers of violations committed against children in north and east Syria, the motives behind the failure of the UN report to address the realities of the northern and eastern regions of Syria, and the dangers of targeting civilians, especially the  children.

The human rights organization in Al Jazeera canton works on defending the fundamental human rights and freedoms, such as the right to life and personal civil, social, national, legal, political, cultural, intellectual, religious and economic rights. It was established in 2013 after the outbreak of the Syrian crisis 2011.

Avin Jumah said in her statement: "The report mentioned that a large number of children have been subjected to violations, but the report did not explicitly and directly address those who are behind those violations without addressing what is being done against children in northern and eastern Syria, knowing that the violations are ongoing in this area due to the continuation of the military operations in the region, particularly during the so-called "the Olive Branch and the Spring of Peace" operations.

In this context, Jumah revealed documented statistics on the violations that are committed against the children in north and east Syria by the Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries from 2014 to the time of the preparation of this report, saying: "46  were killed and 87 were injured by the Turkish gendarmerie on the border with Turkey, as well as 428 killed and 4,942 injured at the hands of ISIS mercenaries, the Turkish army and the so-called Syrian National Army, and more than 136,000 children have been deprived of education as the result of the recent battles that have forced them to flee their territory under the Turkish occupation today."

Concerning the operations of targeting women and children in the north and east of Syria by the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries ( Syrian National Army )  through the operations of killing, torturing, kidnapping and terrifying the civilians about their children as the result of targeting the civilians and the children in particular to empty the area from its people and displace them, pushing them away from their culture that is a demographic change of the area. 

Avin Jumah explained that the reports issued by the United Nations are not based on objectivity, neither accurate nor realistic because they did not address entirely the reality of the actual state of living and violations, particularly in the north and east of Syria, and it only satisfied with the issued reports that are in favor of some Turkish sides, getting away from listening to all parties, and relying on the reports of some actors that do not exist in the targeted areas.

 “Civil society organizations and human rights organizations must seek to document and share violations with UN agencies to identify the key actors on the specific operations of abuses targeting civilians and children, and submit them to the United Nations to build more objective reports, keep them away from the wrong sides, convey the true picture, reach real and radical solutions, and try the perpetrators of these violations,” the co-head of the Human Rights Organization in al-Jazeera said.



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