​​​​​​​A leader in SDF: the occupation army increased its attacks after the UN armistice

The commnader of the Syrian Democratic Forces, Majed Fayyad al-Shibli, said that the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) are committed to the call made by the United Nations for the immediate ceasefire in Syria, and pointed out that the Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries have stepped up their attacks recently after the United Nations' appeal.

With the spread of the Corona virus in most countries of the world, the United Nations appealed to all forces in Syria for an immediate ceasefire, as the Syrian Democratic Forces announced their commitment to the international appeal, and the United Nations welcomed SDF's position.

However, the Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries, instead of adhering to the international appeal that came with the aim of directing efforts to confront the Corona pandemic, have escalated their attacks on the areas of northern and eastern Syria.

In this context, our agency interviewed the commander of SDF in the front of Ain Issa district Majed Fayyad al-Shibli.

SDF move according to the international appeal

Al-Shibli said: "In the world and in our regions, a state of emergency has been declared to prevent the Corona virus, and the humanitarian truce declared by the United Nations is repeatedly violated by the Turkish occupation state."

  He continued: "The Turkish occupation state and its mercenaries see the international armistice as an opportunity to launch attacks that have already been escalated on our regions. We are committed to the armistice, and we have not launched any attack on the occupation army and its mercenaries, but within the framework of legitimate defense, we are obliged to defend ourselves against the attacks launched against us."

Al-Shibli pointed to the targeting of civilians by the Turkish occupation army saying: "Recently, the Turkish occupation army has increased its attacks on the villages of Ain Issa; Debs, Om al-Baramil, al-Fatesa, Saida and al-Khalidiyya, in addition to the villages of Tel Abyad such as Kor Hassen, Qezali, Salib, Sufyan, Qazali silos and the international road M4. In those villages the civilians and the centers of government forces are targeted, as the occupation army seeks to empty the villages and occupy them."

The commander of the Syrian Democratic Forces stressed that they are obliged to defend themselves in the face of the repeated attacks by the Turkish occupation army.


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