​​​​​​​A member of ICRC crew was injured in Al-Hol camp

A member of International Red Cross crews, working in Al-Hol camp in Al-Hasaka Canton, was injured in an attack by a ISIS mercenaries cell, in third attack targeting medical personnel in the regions of north and east Syria, in less than 24 hours.

ANHA' correspondent quoted a source in Al-Hol camp as saying that a doctor in ICRC was attacked today with a sharp object by a sleeper cell of ISIS mercenaries with the intention of killing him.

According to the source, doctor's name is Alachi, he is an Ethiopian.

After the attack, International Red Cross withdrew its staff from Al-Hol camp to another location, according to ANHA' correspondent.

Yesterday, a paramedic in Kurdish Red Crescent crews lost his life in Al-Hol camp, after being attacked by an ISIS cell while he was at his medical point.

Also yesterday, unknowing gunmen assassinated the doctor Abd al-Mufdi in Al-Tayana town in eastern Deir al-Zor countryside.



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