A new joint patrol runs on the Syrian-Turkish border, west of Kobani

The Russian military police started a joint patrol with Turkish occupation forces on the Syrian-Turkish border, west of the city of Kobani.

Hawar News Agency correspondents reported that the patrol was launched a few moments ago after Turkish armored vehicles entered the Syrian territories from the village of Ashma, west of the city of Kobani, where Russian armored vehicles were waiting. The two sides began conducting the joint patrol along the border.

The patrol is scheduled to roam the villages of "Ashma, Jarqali, Qiran, Decamdash, Khorkhori, Bhuban, Siftek and Tel Shair", on the outskirts of the city of Kobani from the western side, then its stairs will return across the same road to cross the Turkish armor border from the village of Ashma back to the Turkish lands.


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