A Palestinian woman adopts his idea: Ocalan is our savior, the savior of humanity

Palestinian woman, Mona Youssef has adopted Ocalan ideology, sought to spread it among the women, after she believed in it and saw salvation in it, and said" Leader Ocalan saved the women from their bitter reality, he is our savior and savior of humanity, stressing " I will strive to spread Ocalan ideology in Palestine because its women have a spirit of struggle. "

 On the 9th of October 1998, Leader Abdullah Ocalan was subjected to an international conspiracy that prompted him to leave Syria, heading to Greece, and from there to Russia, then to the Italian capital Rome, to return to Russia, and then moved to the Kenyan capital Nairobi, which he was arrested on February 15, 1999.

Although the international forces that stood behind the conspiracy sought to extinguish what was proposed by the leader Abdullah Ocalan, and to eliminate the Kurdish people. However, his ideas and theses came out and attracted various peoples of different social groups, especially women who were severely affected by the personality and thought of the leader.

The member of the Kongra Star Coordination, Mona Youssef, was one of those women. She is of Palestinian origin, and comes from the city of Gaza.

Mona Youssef actually became involved in the struggle in 2014 to work in Kongra Star, and in this regard she says that "the democratic nation project proposed by the leader Abdullah Ocalan was the beginning of great openings in my life," and she emphasized that it is "the project that resolves all outstanding issues, including the Palestinian issue."

Mona Youssef stated during an interview with ANHA agency, that she "became acquainted with the model of the democratic nation that was implemented in northeastern Syria, after it proved to be an ideal model for regions characterized by social, cultural, national, and religious diversity, where everyone embraces through coexistence and brotherhood."

The common denominator between the Kurdish and Palestinian issues

She noted her motivation in searching for the truth of this thought by reading its volumes, in the forefront of which (Manifesto of Democratic Civilization - The Crisis of Civilization and the Solution of Democratic Civilization in the Middle East), that he is the only leader who thought about objective solutions for the regions of the Middle East.

Stressing that what made her adopt this ideology was what she saw as "a common denominator between the Kurdish issue and the Palestinian issue."

Mona Youssef explained that "the conspiracy against the leader Abdullah Ocalan was not only a conspiracy against a people or a nation, but an international conspiracy against all peoples, including the Palestinian people, and a war against the peoples who demand freedom and democracy."

Calling for women's liberty

She noted that the leader's historical view attracted her attention, as he divided history through the title “History is hidden in our present and we are hidden at the beginning of history,” in addition to his pursuit of the issue of women, as he stated that women are the brigade that leads the men to freedom.

Adding: There is no leader like him in history who called for the liberation of women, as the leader raised the issue of women by expanding to all women, and demanding their right to freedom and organization, by the vanguard of Kurdish women, to include all women of other nationalities in the Middle East.

Mona Youssef pointed out that “the leader Abdullah Ocalan started from the idea of ​​women's liberation from the crises of society and the harsh conditions that she went through, the problematic issues in the social arena, and the injustice and violence she had suffered, and presented in his intellectual and philosophical writings, especially in his arguments - the sociology of freedom - which in it, he sheds light on the need to know the truth about women and their historical role.

She added, "Leader Abdullah Ocalan saw the necessity of women's liberation, because society is liberated by the emancipation of women. Through his thought, he was able to liberate hundreds of women, break the restrictions on them in public life, and create a special army for women to lead themselves in all life levels.

The liberty of the Arab woman

Mona Youssef explained that the leader Abdullah Ocalan activated the role of women in social life by helping them liberate themselves and training thousands of women intellectually and militarily.

Referring to the liberation of thousands of them in "northeastern Syria, following the victories achieved by women, from slavery, tyranny and male domination, as Arab women were able to raise the molds that surrounded them within society."

Mona Youssef added, "In order to spread the thought of Leader Abdullah Ocalan among women of all nationalities and sects, in order to get rid of all problems, in particular the issue of peoples occupied by colonialism.

Mona, who adopted the ideology of the leader Ocalan, and saw in him the salvation from the shell of ignorance in which the women were staying, seeks to spread his thought and philosophy among women in all regions, so that they can get rid of their problems through it.

A new start with a new vision

In this regard, Mona said: “The beginning of my work at the Kongra Star was to strengthen the cultural and cognitive aspect, and with the thought of the leader and how to establish this movement, I wanted to benefit from all the positive points that our companions went through, and I became very determined to work positively and effectively within the Kongra Star. "

Emphasizing that "through the thought of the leader, I had a new start to life and a new vision as well, and the struggle required me to sacrifice. I am a mother and I have children, but I devoted a long time of my life to work, especially since I was one of the first members of the Kongra Star."

Mona Youssef participated in activating women's communes, in addition to training by giving lectures in order to expand this thought and spread it to the widest and fullest extent among the popular female base.

During her speech, Mona expressed her happiness "to explain the thought of Leader Abdullah Ocalan to women, for their joining this movement in order to grow this wide women's circle in order to be able to organize the largest number of women to get rid of their social, economic, customs and traditions problems."

The plot is on peoples and women

Mona Youssef asserted that the conspiracy against the leader “is a conspiracy against the people and against women in particular,” and that this conspiracy was hatched because “world powers were seeking to renew their policies in the Middle East, because the nation-state models no longer fulfills the purpose of capitalism.”

She added, "And because the countries of the West live on the resources in the Middle East, whoever stood before the realization of their plans is the leader Abdullah Ocalan with his democratic thought, the democratic nation, and motivating the people to manage themselves by themselves, to overcome power."

Mona called on all women in the world, especially in northeastern Syria, to delve into the leader's thought, and to adopt this thought that pulled women out of their bitter reality in which they live, stressing that it is "our savior and savior of humanity and women in particular."

At the end of her speech, Mona Youssef condemned the international conspiracy against the leader, saying: “It is evidence that he was not only a leader of the Kurdish people, but of all peoples who are eager for democracy. "This is evidence that the commander is the obstacle standing in the way of achieving international plans, especially Turkey."



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