A rocket used by Qatari army seized in Italy

Italian police seized a variety of weapons, belonging to groups described as extreme right, and arrested three people, including a former candidate for the Senate of the fascist "Forza Nuova party".

Police also said that during the operation "an air-to-air missile was seized for use and in excellent condition used by the Qatari army."

Three people were arrested, including one named Fabio del Bergueolo, who had previously been nominated for the upper house of the Forza Nuova party. A large collection of weapons was found in his home as well as neo-Nazi propaganda material and memorabilia for Hitler, .

Police said the missile was "without an explosive charge, but it could be reprocessed by specialists in the field."

The other arrests included Switzerland, 42, and Italy, 51, accused of possessing and marketing the rocket found by police in a warehouse near the small Rivatzano Terme airport in Pavia province.

The raid came as a result of a police investigation of Italian extremists known to have joined pro-Russian rebels fighting in Ukraine.



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