A Shi'etat Sheikh targeted in Deir – ez- Zor

ANHA's correspondent in Deir – ez- Zor has said that unknown gunmen on a motorbike have fired at the car of Sheikh Naser Al-Trami of the Shi'etat tribe who was accompanied by a notable from Jadid Agheedat town.

According to sources from the Internal Security Forces in Deir –ez- Zor, obtained by ANHA's correspondent, Sheikh Naser Al-Trami and the notable from the town of  Jadid Agheedat were injured in the attack that took place today at noon, on which they were hospitalised, to receive treatment.  

Worthy to mention, many tribal sheikhs and notables have undergone armed attacks and attempted assassinations with the aim to strike at security in the region and terrorize people. 



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