A technical error in a Hezbollah weapons depot caused Ain Qana explosion in S. Lebanon

A security source revealed to "Reuters" agency "the explosion in the town of Ain Qana - Al-Tuffah region, south of Lebanon, occurred in a weapons store for" Hezbollah "as a result of a technical error.

The director of the Media Center, Salem Zahran, said in a tweet on his Twitter account, "The Ain Qana fire was caused by the explosion of a center for the collection of remnants of war. There are no casualties or injuries, and only physical damage."

The Lebanese army and Hezbollah imposed a security cordon around the site of the explosion, and ambulances and civil defense vehicles rushed to the town.

On the other hand, the Secretary-General of the Red Cross, George Kittana, noted that "we received a call about the explosion in Ain Qana, and the first ambulance set out on its way to a fuel station at the site, and initial information indicates that there were no injuries."

A video clip shows scenes of devastation caused by the explosion of Ain Qana in Al-Tuffah region to the south, in the midst of billowing clouds of thick black smoke that spread to the atmosphere of the surrounding areas.

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