A total of 25 terrorists arrested by our forces in wider operations against ISIS

Durign a sereies of qulitative operations, the Counter Terrorism Units of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) managed to arrest 25 elements of ISIS cells, among them the official of ISIS Captives Office.

The Syrian Democratic Forces issued a statemetn in this regard:

“During a qualitative operation carried out by our security forces on different times and locations against ISIS sleeper-cells, a total of 25 terrorists were arrested. The information regarding these operations are as follows:

1- Our security forces have carried out an operation targeting and arresting an ISIS member having the role as a commander who was the responsible for the prisoners taken by the terrorist organization. His name is Erkan Hussen (Muhammed Salih al-Ali)

2- Between the 15th and 22nd November 2019, a special operation was carried out against ISIS sleeper cells and their members in the Deir Ezzor region, 21 terrorists were arrested, and 2 terrorists who attempted to attack our forces were killed.

3- A terrorist commander who was the responsible for the explosions in al-Hasakah and had used al-Hol camp to hide himself in was arrested.

4- On November 28th 2019, Counter Terrorism Units (YAT) carried out an operation. The operation resulted in 2 terrorists who were responsible for the attack with explosives against the prison in al-Hasakah being arrested.”


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