A Turkish soldier, 6 mercenaries killed in HRE operations

Afrin Liberation Forces (HRE) carried out a series of qualitative operations in Kimar village in Sherawa district, in which a soldier and 6 mercenaries were killed, while 3 military vehicles were destroyed.

Afrin Liberation Forces issued a statement revealing the outcome of the operations carried out against the Turkish occupation army. The statement included:

“On January 3rd, our forces carried out a series of qualitative operations against the Turkish invasion army and its factions in Afrin area, while their results were as follows:

On Kimar village front line of Sherawa district, we have carried out two operations with booby-traps and two specific operations against a military base, which resulted in destroying 3 vehicles belonging to the Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries, as a Turkish soldier and 6 mercenaries of Firqet al-Hamzat were killed and 7 others were injured.

On the same day, the Turkish invasion army and its terrorist factions bombed a valley between the villages of Soghanke and Myyasse of Sherawa district with  . Furthermore, the reconnaissance aircrafts hovered over the area.”



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