AA begins to evacuate Mabrouka camp

The Autonomous Administration of Northern and Eastern of Syria stated that the civilians in the camps were the victims of ISIS and now the victims of the Turkish occupation, and for the sake of their safety, the administration will begin to evacuate al-Mabrouka camp near the Syrian-Turkish border.

The Autonomous Administration of Northern and Eastern of Syria issued a statement regarding the exposure of IDP camps to the bombing of the Turkish occupation, the disastrous situation of the IDPs as a result of the Turkish attacks on northern and eastern Syria and the danger to their lives.

It states:

The Turkish government announced the invasion of northern and eastern Syria on 09/10/2019, disregarding all international laws and customs, and endangering the lives of civilians in violation and danger in flagrant violation of all human rights and international humanitarian law.

IDPs were not immune to the dangers of this aggression, al-Mabrouka camp, which is located 12 km south of the Syrian-Turkish border, was hit by artillery shells, which posed a direct threat to the lives of more than 7,000 displaced people living in the camp, as well as Ain Issa camp, which includes 13,000 displaced people, 785 of them. From ISIS families and 479 Iraqi refugees.

Responding to the appeals of civilians inside the camp who are mainly victims of ISIS terrorism and are now victims of the Turkish state's terror, and in order to fulfill its moral duty and considerations regarding the numbers of IDPs and the level of threat, the AA will immediately begin the process of evacuating al-Mabrouka camp and transferring its inhabitants to al-Arishah camp south of al-Hasakah city.

As for Ein Issa camp, discussions are ongoing with the concerned parties and organizations to find a solution or an alternative location for transferring the camp, and the AA will take all necessary measures to ensure the safety of the camp's residents, knowing that the safety and security of these people is essentially the responsibility of the United Nations and the International Coalition to fight ISIS terrorism. Its failure to do its part towards the camps and its displaced population has put them at risk of extermination and death by the Turkish war machine.




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