AA calls international community to take firm decision to stop attacks on Ain Issa

Co-chair of the Executive Council of the Autonomous Administration in the Euphrates region, Mohammed Shaheen, said that the Turkish occupation has been violating Sochi Agreement since first day, and its horrible crimes are still ongoing against the people in NE, Syria.

The talk of the co-chair of the Executive Council of the Autonomous Administration in the Euphrates region, Mohammad Shaheen, came as a comment on the violent attacks launched by mercenary groups of the Turkish occupation state on Ain Issa since midnight last night.

Mohammad Shaheen said in a statement to Hawar news agency (ANHA):" the violations are still being committed, all what happens in front the eyes of the international community, whether the daily bombing of safe areas or the security threats that Turkey seeks to create in the European continent or the conflicts that Turkey creates in many ways from Arab countries. "

And he added" Despite committing egregious violations, but international community still remains silent, and deter the occupation from the daily killing of the people of northern and eastern Syria, and it is known that the sponsor of the Sochi Agreement is Russia, which is now in the region." And it must know well that SDF did not launch any attack since the first day of the agreement and until this day.

He believed that "everyone understands that the Turkish occupation is the center of the existing conflicts in the Middle East and the whole world, but until now there is no kind of action or serious deterrence to its actions."

The co-chair of the Executive Council of the Autonomous Administration in the Euphrates region appealed to Russia and the United States of America, which are sponsoring two ceasefire agreements in the region, to intervene in order to put an end to these violations aimed at destabilizing security and stability in northern and eastern Syria.

Regarding the Turkish objectives of this continuous bombing, Shaheen said: "Turkey seeks to eliminate the Autonomous Administration in Northern and Eastern Syria, and to establish a radical structure like the models it has established in Idlib and the rest of the occupied cities of the Syrian territories."

He added, "It has become clear to everyone that Turkey supports terrorist factions and groups in Syria and other Arab and regional countries such as Libya, or what happened in the Karabakh region of sending mercenary factions to kill the people of those countries."

Tension still prevails in the vicinity of Ain Issa, which the mercenary groups tried yesterday to infiltrate, but the SDF thwarted the attempt, and information indicates that dozens of mercenaries were killed and wounded.



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