AA calls on people to rationalize use of water, concerned countries to intervene to avoid humanitarian catastrophe

The Autonomous Administration called on the citizens to take exceptional measures in order to face the challenges of the water war practiced by the Turkish occupation state against the Syrian people, and called on the countries and organizations concerned to move urgently to avoid a humanitarian catastrophe that may result from Turkey's continuing to cut off the waters of the Euphrates River for the Syrians.

These calls came during interviews conducted by our agency's correspondent with each of the Co-chair of the Local Bodies and Municipalities Media Bozan, and the Director of the Irrigation Office in the Civil Council of al-Raqqa Fadel Mostafa to talk about the steps taken by the Autonomous Administration to avoid the problems of the Euphrates water shortage and the dangers resulting from its continued outage.

Media Bosan pointed at the beginning of her speech to the crises that Syria is going through in general and northern and eastern Syria in particular: "The Autonomous Administration and the people of northern and eastern Syria face all forms of war and starvation by the Turkish state and its mercenaries through war and direct targeting of the population and their crops, and more recently water is cut off for the residents of the area, with the aim of stifling and starving the population."

Media also explained: "The Autonomous Administration has taken several measures with the onset of the water shortage crisis; supporting the drinking water pumps with fuel to run on electric generators after the continuous power outage that accompanied the water shortage, which was being supplied earlier by a service line that operates 24 hours to provide water to the people of the region."

She continued: "Among the measures taken by the Local Administrations Body is to direct the bodies and committees of local administrations to take their actions by directing and educating the people to rationalize the use of water, and to activate the role of controlling water violations significantly and increasing the numbers of members of these committees to take the necessary measures against violators and prevent water spraying or diversion the drinking water to irrigate trees and agricultural crops.

Media also asked during her speech the people of northern and eastern Syria to cooperate with the committees of local administrations until they overcome this crisis saying: "We ask our people to join hands to overcome this crisis because it is a dangerous bell that rings the doors of every house in north and east Syria."

Media concluded her speech by sending an urgent appeal to every free person, human rights organizations, the League of Arab States and European Union countries for urgent intervention to avoid a real humanitarian crisis with Turkey continuing to cut off the water of the Euphrates River for the people of Syria.

As for the Director of the Irrigation Office in the Civil Council of al-Raqqa, Eng. Fadel Mostafa, he confirmed that the region is going through a major water crisis which is the first of its kind as a result of the inhumane measures being taken by the Turkish state towards the Syrian people.

Fadel Mostafa explained: "The river water was divided according to international agreements related to sharing the waters of the Euphrates between Iraq, Syria and Turkey, and the Turkish encroachment on the shares of Syria and Iraq began after the opening of (Ataturk Dam) in the eighties of the twentieth century. After that, the shares of the two countries decreased. Turkey took advantage of the water as a pressure card on the Syrian people, so the river waters allocated to Syria began to shrink from 500 cubic meters per second until they became 200 cubic meters per second, decreasing from 40-50 cubic meters, while using 80 cubic meters for irrigation."

Mostafa pointed out that if the shortage continues in this way and the water supply does not increase, there will be catastrophic repercussions for the region and Syria in general, especially that 80 percent of the people depend on agriculture.

Mostafa also called on the people of the region to rationalize water consumption to the maximum extent and adhere to the agricultural plans put forward by the Agriculture and Irrigation Committee, calling on the Syrian government as a country and a member of the Security Council to bear its responsibilities towards this danger to file lawsuits to the United Nations to avoid a catastrophe in the region due to Turkey cutting off the water of the Euphrates River.



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