AA delivers a baby of Danish origin to Danish Foreign Ministry

The Foreign Relations Department in northern and eastern Syria handed over an orphaned child to the Danish Foreign Office.

 A delegation from Denmark arrived yesterday at the Simalka border crossing between Rojava and south Kurdistan to meet with representatives of the Autonomous Administration in order to complete the procedures for receiving a baby who was found to be an ISIS mercenary of Dutch nationality.

The Danish delegation included Christopher Vivek, a representative of the Danish Foreign Ministry, Kim Vitessna, the coordinator of the Danish National Police, and Dr. Henrik Stausreb.

The delegation was received by Abeer Elia, Deputy co-chair of the Foreign Relations Department in NE, Syria, Newroz Khalid, representing the Women Body in NE, Syria, Simaf Yusuf and Stair Yousef, Administrators at the Foreign Relations Department in North and East Syria, and Eitan Issa, representing the Relations Office in Syria in Women Protection Units YPJ.

The two delegations held a closed-door meeting before the media, and then signed a protocol whereby the 11-month-old baby was handed over to the Danish authorities after the necessary medical examinations by Danish doctor Stowe Sreb.

"This visit came in coordination with the Department of Foreign Relations in northern and eastern Syria, as a humanitarian duty to receive the baby," Danish Foreign Ministry representative Christopher Vivek told our agency.

Vivek thanked the AA for good communication and humanitarian endeavors.



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