AA holds Russia, international coalition responsibility Turkish attack

The Autonomous Administration in the Euphrates region called on the state of the Russian Federation and the United States of America to put an end to attacks targeting civilians in northern and eastern Syria.

This came in a written statement issued by the administration, hours after a Turkish bombing of a drones, targeting a civilian house in the village of Hanlaj yesterday evening, and resulted in the death of 3 civilian women.

During the statement, the Autonomous Administration of the Euphrates region condemned the "coward Turkish terrorist attack", and held the Russian Federation responsible for this attack and previous attacks, according to the agreement concluded 7 months ago, which states that Russia bears responsibility for security and stability, and the administration called on the Russian state to carry out its obligations and stand in the face of these terrorist attacks by the Turkish occupation against the people of northern and eastern Syria.

The Autonomous Administration also called on the United States of America and the International Coalition to carry out their duty, and put an end to such attacks against the people and regions of northeastern Syria, in accordance with the ceasefire agreement in the northeastern areas of Syria between the United States of America and the Turkish occupation state.



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