AA holds Russia, US responsible for Turkey's Kobani

The Autonomous Administration in the Euphrates region held the United States and the Russian Federation responsible for the Turkish drone’s attack on the headquarter of the Internal Security Forces in the city of Kobani.

This came in a statement delivered by Autonomous Administration (AA) in front of the building of the Executive Council of the Euphrates, hours after the Turkish drone targeted the headquarter of the Internal Security Forces, "Asayiş", with two shells at dawn.

The statement was delivered by the so-chair of the region's Executive Council, Muhammad Shaheen, in the presence of a number of administrators in civil institutions in the region.

Shaheen said that while the peoples of the world and their countries are joining together to eliminate the pandemic Corona, and in conjunction with the holy month of Ramadan, the Turkish state’s drones have bombed the city of Kobani at Tuesday dawn, disregarding the agreements concluded earlier that provide for the city's evacuation of military forces.

The text of a previous agreement concluded late last year, between the Russian Federation government and the Syrian Democratic Forces, which requires the latter to withdraw from the entire border strip in the Euphrates region, northeastern Syria.

The statement called on the Russian government and the United States of America to abide by their pledges to ensure the security of Syrian lands and limit Turkish attacks that affect the villages of Girê Spi and Kobani every day, despite 6 months passed since the withdrawal of the Syrian Democratic Forces from the border areas in the region.

The Turkish drone dropped two bombs, one of which exploded at 3:10 am today, Tuesday, while the second exploded at 3:45 am, in front of the building of the Internal Security Forces (Asayiş) in the city of Kobani. The attack did not cause any human losses and was limited to physical damage.



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