AA in Euphrates region imposes fines on curfew violators

AA in the Euphrates region has revealed a series of measures to facilitate the curfew, including fines on the violators of the curfew.

The Autonomous Administration in the Euphrates region issued a circular today that includes several measures to facilitate the implementation of the curfew, which has been in force since March 23rd, in order to prevent the coronavirus outbreak.

"Any store or shop that is not excluded from the curfew and is fined 10,000 Syrian pounds in case of violating the curfew order, and it is doubled in the event of a repeat of the violation by shouting down the shop in the period of curfew," the administration said in its circular.

With regard to vehicles, the Administration explained that "every car or vehicle (cars, motorcycle...etc.) is not excluded from the curfew and will be fined 5000 S.P and doubled in the case of repeating the violation. The vehicle will be impounded in the event of repeating of the violation."

The AA noted in the circular that it had taken these measures "on the basis of the requirements of the public interest and in order to ensure the safety of citizens from the spread of the Corona pandemic".

This comes after Kobane has witnessed in the recent days many violations of the curfew, at a time many countries worldwide are witnessing rapid spread of the coronavirus, but no cases have been reported in the northeastern regions of Syria so far.




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