AA: international coalition's position is not appropriate, if Turkey launched attack we cannot control ISIS detainees

The co-chair of the Executive Council of the Autonomous Administration confirmed that International Coalition 's position is not appropriate for the sacrifices of the martyrs and the gains of the people of the region, and made it clear that they may be forced to withdraw part of the prison guards of ISIS detainees, which will reflect negatively on the whole world.

The co-chair of the Executive Council of the Autonomous Administration of Northern and Eastern Syria came during the answer to journalists' questions at a press conference on Monday.

During the press conference, AA issued a statement to the public, calling on the people of Syria at home and abroad to stand up to the Turkish threats to northern and eastern areas of Syria, and the international community to take a stand on the Turkish state's threats.

Following the statement, the co-chairs of the Executive Council, Abed Hamad al-Mehbash and Perivan Khalid, held a press conference to answer questions from journalists.

Asked about one of them, al-Mehbash said: "The Autonomous Administration of Northern and Eastern of Syria has shown flexibility on its part regarding the security mechanism and did not provide an effort to allay Turkish concerns.

"We have fought terrorism that has threatened the entire world, and our allies who have fought with us must preserve these gains," he said.

With regard to the situation of refugees and displaced persons in the camps within the AA's areas, al-Mehbash explained that these are the victims of terrorism, and they live in the camps as a result of terrorism, they are living in difficult conditions, especially as the winter is approaching, and instead of helping them, they open the way to invade northern and eastern Syria.

Al-Mehbash warned of the repercussions of any possible Turkish attack, "The Turkish attack, if it happens, will be disastrous for the displaced people and refugees in the camps and the people within the border areas and border cities, which will increase the burden that neither Turkey nor any country in the world will bear," he said.

For her part, the co-chair of the Executive Council of the Autonomous Administration Berivan Khalid described the position of the International Coalition and its withdrawal from some border points as "inappropriate".

"The situation is inappropriate for the sacrifices made by the administration and the coalition," she said. We have provided thousands of martyrs and victims, and we have been able to provide security in the region, which is an improper act of these gains and rightly the blood of the martyrs and the people of the region."

About the fate of ISIS detainees, wondering about the possibility of AA to control on ISIS detainees if Turkey launched any possible attacks "Our choice is dialogue to resolve the dispute with Turkey and others. If there is an invasion of our regions, it will result in a catastrophic situation in the camps and for the people in the cities."

"With regard to ISIS prisoners in prisons, the forces guarding them may be forced to withdraw to the border to defend the area, which will negatively affect the security situation in prisons, and ISIS and migrants from 55 countries may come out."

Al-Mehbash hoped that the world would take a stand on the Turkish threats to the safe areas of northern and eastern Syria and stop Turkey's threats to the region.



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