AA permits some humanitarian cases to travel out of its areas under conditions

The Autonomous Administration (AA) of Northern and Eastern Syria has released a circular to the seven Autonomous Administrations and civil departments, which includes facilitating the passage of some humanitarian cases outside the areas of AA, under certain conditions.

The Autonomous Administration’s circular released on Sunday, to the seven the Autonomous Administrations and the civil, included the necessity of facilitating the passage of some humanitarian cases and allowing their exit outside the areas of the administration according to the evidence and within certain conditions.

Among the pathological cases mentioned in AA’s circular are "cancer patients who need to follow up on receiving treatment, cases of burns of the second and third degrees, cardiovascular cases that require chest opening, as well as critical medical cases treated, and follow-up is not available in the areas of the AA " .

The Autonomous Administration stipulated in its book directed to its seven departments to facilitate the passage of some of the aforementioned cases, to be attached to a medical report from the specialist doctor concerned with the case, and the surveys adopted by the doctor to pass his/her medical report, and to attach laboratory analyzes, radiographs and other supporting documents.

Likewise, the doctor concerned with the condition states that the technical capabilities of managing the medical condition are not available, and that the patient needs treatment outside the AA areas.



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