AA: Refugees who came out of camp during 3 months estimated 1%

The Autonomous Administration has revealed the numbers that came out of the 14 camps it supervises, within 3 months of its return program. The administration estimated that less than one percent of the total number of refugees in its camps had been displaced.

The Autonomous Administration of Northern and Eastern Syria is supervised by the Social Affairs and Labor Body in 14 camps, following the closure of Newroz camp, spread over the geography of northern and eastern Syria, inhabited by 117,346 refugees from various Syrian cities, refugees from Iraq and families of ISIS mercenaries.

The Newroz camp is home to Yazidi refugees from the Şengal area, was closed after returning home.

Al-Hol camp is one of the largest in terms of the number of camps, where there are 71,862 displaced and refugees, including 30,498 Syrian refugees, 30,890 Iraqi refugees and 10,473 foreigners of ISIS mercenary families."

The Autonomous Administration takes into consideration to provide the necessity services to the refugees in the camp, where most of the humanitarian organizations are still ignoring to provide its service to the camp which does not reach 40 percent, according to the estimates of the Office of Refugees in Autonomous Administration.

The Autonomous Administration organized a program called the “Return Program”, which organized trips for the return of displaced persons to their cities and villages after they were liberated from ISIS mercenaries, and equipped them with the necessary services by the civil and autonomous-help councils for their return, which included water, bread and cleaning of the remnants of war.

1,136 refugees have been exited under clan sponsorship, most of them from al-Hol camp in 5 batches as follows: Deir -ez-Zor 397 refugees divided into the first two batches 201 and 196, Manbij 127, al-Raqqa and al--Tabqa 612 refugees.

The co-chair of the Office for Displaced Persons and Refugees, Sheikh mous Ahmed, confirmed that more batches will come out of the camps in the next few days.

Ahmed estimated that less than one percent of the total number of refugees had left the camps, and said that the small percentage did not affect the improvement of the living conditions of those who remained in the camps because it is a small percentage of the total number in all camps.

It is worth mentioning that the 14 camps supervised by the Autonomous Administration are: Al-Hol, Mabrouka, Roj, al-Arishah, al-Nasri, Manbij al-Sharqi old, Manbij al-Jadeed, Mahmudli, Ain Issa, al-Awda, al-Shahba,al- Asr, Resistance, Afrin.



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