AA takes measures to prevent the spread of Coruna virus

The Autonomous Administration in Northern and Eastern Syria has taken a series of preventive measures to prevent the outbreak of the Corona virus in the region, while stressing the need to take all means of prevention and the need to maintain social separation.

Yesterday, in a press conference, the Health Authority of Autonomous Administration (AA) in Northern and Eastern Syria announced the confirmation of 4 cases of Corona virus in northern and eastern Syria, and to prevent further virus outbreaks.

The decision bearing 85 number stated the following:

1- All border crossings will be completely closed as of Friday morning, 7/24-2020.

2 – for a period of 14 days, any humanitarian cases entering into the Autonomous Administration in Northern and Eastern Syria areas will be quarantined as of the date 24-7-2020.

3- The funeral of the dead due to Corona pandemic is prohibited in the AA areas in the north and east of Syria.

4- Gatherings, ceremonies, weddings, and mourning tents are prohibited in order to protect public health

5- Collective prayers in all places of worship are preserved in order to preserve public health until a further notice.

6- Restaurants work only to meet external requests.

7- Everyone in northern and eastern Syria is required to adhere to the rules of health protection and social separation in all places (workplaces - public places).

8- The competent institutions in the crossings are required to take strict health measures on the crossings (goods - people).

9 - The duration of this decision is 15 days from the date of its publication.

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